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Bring back your cartons for recycling on future orders for a $1 per dozen discount!

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Skinned quail: $6/bird
Oven-roasted quail: $10/bird

Contact us to arrange delivery or pickup.

Why Quail Eggs?

While quail eggs aren’t on the shelves in every American grocery store (we’re working to change that!), they have long been a staple of Oriental cuisines.


Though tiny, quail eggs pack a nutritional punch! When compared gram for gram with a chicken egg, quail eggs have higher levels of vitamin B, iron, calcium, and potassium; they also have a larger yolk-to-white ratio, perfect for a low carb/high healthy fat eating pattern.

Why Our Quail Eggs?

Many people who have sensitivities to chicken eggs find they can enjoy quail eggs daily. This is particularly true when those quail have been pampered the way ours have with the finest organic, soy-free feed; in fact, many people who have egg allergies are actually reacting to the soy content of industrial feed.
Our promise to you is NO GMO, NO SOY, EVER!

We love our quail babies and encourage them to freely frolic in a coop and run environment rather than a rack system. This ensures they have room to roam while also remaining safe from the multitude of Florida predators we see daily. If you’d like to meet the quail, contact us and we’d be more than happy to arrange a visit!


Vote with your dollars: Instead of purchasing eggs produced by nutrient-devoid birds in a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding organization), support local regenerative agriculture and help encourage environmental stewardship.

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