Catnip Ball & String Toy

Austen and I used to have three cats: Samantha, Rocky, and Jasper. He adopted Samantha and Rocky in 2000 and they were his faithful friends until they passed in 2018. Jasper was a fun little firecracker who escaped out our front door after the FedEx delivery driver left it ajar.

Jasper (big spoon) snuggling Samantha (little spoon)

All three of them loved catnip (although Samantha pretended not to because she was a respectable lady). Most cat toys on the market are cheaply made, too small, and not nearly loaded with enough catnip – so I decided to make my own!

Cats love catnip, long strings, and batting at their prey. This ball & string toy combines all of their favorites and will provide entertainment for hours! Hang it on the doorknob and watch your cat jump for it. Drag it along the floor and she’ll run to it. Toss it to her and he might flip out, but he’ll come back and paw it around. Treat your cat to a fun toy!

Catnip Ball & String Toy


You can purchase through PayPal using the link above, or using other payment methods through my Etsy store.

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