Charming Newborn Pullover

I’m a sucker for vintage patterns – I buy them by the stack, usually lay them aside for a while, and then rediscover them on a lazy Wednesday afternoon. It’s fun to find a project that isn’t from Pinterest or TickTok…a project that’s been sleepily waiting for me to uncover it and put to work once more.

This pattern from the 1970s was released during the height of the Back to the Land movement, in which “hippies” sought to conserve the earth’s resources through regenerative farming, zero waste living, and anti-government protests. Self-sufficiency is a point of pride for me, and I relish the ability to provide for myself as much as possible. I am honored to continue the tradition of knitting clothes by hand!

I love the way this baby sweater turned out – it’s a simple lace design that appears on the front and an equally simple single button closure on the reverse, but the beauty of the subtle multicolored wool is sublime. Contact me to arrange a custom size and color scheme, or buy an existing design using the link below or in my Etsy shop.


Newborn Pullover


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