Chevron Baby Blanket

I love the satisfyingly poetic symmetry of knitting for babies – what better way to welcome a newly created life into the world than with a creation of my own? Each child is a precious unique gift – and deserves to receive a unique gift! That is why I devote careful consideration to each baby blanket I create. What would the best size, material, and pattern be for that child?

In this case, the muted grey and blue blend well with an understated nursery for a baby boy, and the thick wool fabric will provide years of warm snuggles. Best of all – mom will love this part – it’s machine washable!

The chevron pattern is subtle yet sophisticated.

If you or a loved one is expecting a child, consider trusting me with providing a handmade heirloom to welcome that blessing into the world. Contact me today for a free consultation on any custom order!

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