Disney Villain Beanies

Even though they’re antagonists, there’s something mysteriously attractive about those evil Disney villains – especially the wicked women. Perhaps it’s the glamor and mystique of power, or the almost humorous twists of fate they endure. We’re drawn to their larger-than-life personalities, and many of us have a favorite villain. Mine has always been Cruella de Vil, so I was thrilled, Anita, dah-ling, when she became the star of her own live action film.

Inspired by my love for Cruella, I stole her black and white color scheme, added some red, and created a lovely fair isle hat that is both wicked and warm. I found some fun buttons portraying three of the finest female villains in Disney’s history, and these add the perfect finish to create a unique piece of clothing you can’t find anywhere else.

The hat is made from 100% Andean wool and is stretchy, comfortable, and utterly EVIL!

Buy a hat on my Etsy shop or by using PayPal below.


Disney Villain Beanie


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