Lace Baby Sweater

Several weeks ago, before the Coronavirus sensation swept the nation and we were free to leave our homes, I chanced upon some beautiful hand-dyed local yarn here at Stash St. Pete. Made by Fat Bunny Yarn, the beautiful variegated purple wool was too much for me to pass up, even though I had no patterns in mind at the time.

For weeks I set the yarn aside in a bag while concentrating on other projects, Etsy orders, and taking care of the quail. Finally I decided to find a use for this stunning yarn and happened upon this baby sweater pattern.

I love the pattern, and the cute little wooden buttons make the piece utterly charming. This would make a perfect baby shower gift or photo shoot outfit! Everyone does pink or blue for their newborns, but stand out from the crowd with a hand-knit sweater made with luxuriously soft hand-dyed wool.

Lace Purple Baby Sweater


You can purchase through PayPal using the link above, or using other payment methods through my Etsy store.

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