Lace Fingerless Gloves

Ahh, wintertime. The warm evening breeze fluttering through the palm trees, the exhilarated screams of thrillseekers at Disney World, and the familiar hum of the air conditioner kicking on mid-day.

That’s right – here in Florida, things are a bit different, even during the holiday season. We enjoy Christmas lights and New Years’ parties as much as anyone, but sans snow – and that’s perfectly fine with me!

The only problem with having limited seasons is the lack of need for winter clothes – and that poses a problem for knitters like me. I still enjoy creating sweaters, mittens, hats, and wool socks. It just means my neighbors probably won’t be buying them from me. This pair of lace fingerless gloves bridges the gap nicely between traditional winter gear and the limited needs of Floridians during this time of the year.

I used some hand-dyed yarn from a local shop in Clearwater for these lacy accessories, and they are a snug but delicate fit and won’t make us Floridians sweat any more than we already do!

The pattern is a mock cable or eyelet lace, and is such a fun one! If you would like these mitts or some created in a color of your choosing, you may purchase below, contact me by clicking here, or check out my shop on Etsy.


Lace Fingerless Gloves


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