Lace Tablet Case

We all like to be cozy and protected from harm, and our smart devices are no different. Pretty soon, with the advances being made in AI technology, they’ll be able to tell us that themselves! My husband complains enough about the temperature in the middle of the night – can you imagine your phone yelling at you to be plugged in because it’s tired? In any case, I’ve brought old-world knitting techniques into the modern age to solve a problem plaguing many of us: how to keep our tablets and Kindles safe from screen cracks when we inevitably drop them.

I chose a bulky solid cotton with just a hint of shimmer so the lace pattern would be prominent, yet keep the device protected. A button adds a charming finish and just a hint of color.

This design is easy to customize, so if you’re looking to protect a device of any shape or size – from Kindles to Nintendo Switches to iPads to cell phones – contact me to get started!


Lace Tablet Case


You can purchase through PayPal using the link above, or with other payment methods in my Etsy shop.

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