Llamas of the Andes

Traditional Peruvian colors and designs are some of the boldest, brightest, and most creative in the world – and they provide great knitting inspiration. The woven textures, the beautiful wool and natural dyes, and the fact that everything from a belt to a poncho to the tiniest of buttons can be embroidered with stunning colors? It’s a stunning culture.

The llama motif on this hat is not only a nod to Andean heritage but a “thank you” to the alpacas who provided the fiber to make this hat possible.

The intricate fair isle designs are inspired by woven Peruvian motifs and were certainly a labor of love. This hat took several weeks to complete but was a joy to create!

Llama Ski Hat


You can purchase through PayPal using the link above, or using other payment methods through my Etsy store.

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