Organic Cotton Beauty Rounds

We live in a world of ubiquitous tchotchkies, instant gratification, and planned obsolescence. The modern world is impatient, our products disposable, and our ancestral knowledge is limited. That’s why I am conscious of what possessions I purchase and from whom. I want to support creative artists, people who are preserving timeless traditions and teaching others how to craft and be self-sufficient.

I discovered Lori, the owner of Buttercream Beauty Co., on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her products. She offers a line of organic skincare using traditional ingredients and methods, lovingly crafted jar by jar, and I was honored that we were able to collaborate on our products.

I designed these simple, eco-friendly beauty rounds to be a reusable alternative to store-bought disposable pads and swabs. Use them to apply and remove cosmetics and lotions such as Lori’s creams – and the best part? Throw them right in the washing machine afterwards.

Choose from four color variations or contact me to request a custom color! You’ll receive a set of 6 pads with each order. Let’s show some love to our bodies and the planet.

“Pretty in Pastel” Set

Purchase your set of beauty rounds in my Etsy shop or by using PayPal below.


Set of 6 Cotton Beauty Rounds


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