State Dishcloths

Most of us came home from Sunday school or summer camp with our attempt at making something useful for mom – a popsicle stick napkin holder, a salt dough necklace, or something else that she “treasured” but never really used.

I love the idea of personalizing a kitchen without getting too wacky. Making personalized dishcloths is a simple but practical way to turn your house into a home, and these state dishcloths give the perfect homey feeling. They make great birthday or Christmas gifts. Best of all? They’re designed to get down and dirty! Use them and throw them in the washing machine!

These cloths are also environmentally friendly and made with organic cotton. Buy a few of these to reuse instead of bunches of paper towels, and give yourself a hand for going green.

Custom State Dishcloth


You can purchase through PayPal using the link above, or using other payment methods through my Etsy store.

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