Football season is finally back, and I’m there.

Look, I don’t spend my money on fancy clothes, makeup, or wild adventures. I pay big money to make sure I can see EVERY game, EVERY sack, EVERY touchdown. All. Season. Long. My poor husband suffers through NFL season, watching me with something tantamount to disdain as I paint my face and jump up in down, whether we’re in the stands for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or if I’m at home watching my home team Panthers.

I know there are other football fans out there. They paint their faces, buy the jerseys, and even involve their pets in the action. So I thought I’d make the perfect cat toy: a squishable, catnip-filled football that will help every feline live out their dream of being the next Tom(cat) Brady!

Check out Svedka – she always gets to be the test pilot for my latest cat creations. The way she ran through the house with that ball would make CMC proud!

If you want to encourage your cat’s athletic prowess, visit my Etsy shop to get a football for them or use the PayPal link below.

Catnip Football


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