Whimsical Forest Creatures

Florida has its perks – the beautiful year-round sunshine, the exotic wildlife, access to beautiful beaches and watersports, and of course theme parks galore. But as Florida’s “fall” approaches, it’s nothing but hurricanes and hot, humid weather. It does rather make me miss a classic Carolina September – with football, autumn leaves, and a cool climate perfect for hiking.

To channel some of that Carolina fall, I crafted these woodland creatures. They’re the classic critters you’d see helping a Disney princess bake a pie or hem her dress – a fox, hedgehog, acorn, and mushroom. Charming as they are, I wanted to give them a purpose, so I stuffed them with catnip!

I feel a breeze blowing from the forest already. So, if you’re like me and live in a place that’s too hot or cold for these classic forest creatures, do yourself (and your cat) a favor and buy a set!

You can buy the toys individually or as a set, and if you purchase through the Etsy shop they are fully customizable.



You can purchase through PayPal using the link above, or using other payment methods through my Etsy store.

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