Graduation Day

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of quail butchering. Continue at your own risk, and on an empty stomach if you get squeamish.

Quail are adorable creatures – but they’re not pets. Part of enjoying their company is stuffing them with goat cheese, wrapping them in bacon, and throwing them on the grill.

It’s known in our house as “graduation day.” Quail are mature at about six weeks, so we begin graduating the boys to “freezer camp” at that age. Once the females have laid plenty of eggs we graduate them as well, before the ripe old age of six months.

Grilling is one way to enjoy the birds, but they are also delicious in the slow cooker or oven. Check out the recipes section of the blog for many tasty ways to enjoy quail meat and eggs!

If you’ve never enjoyed pasture-raised poultry before, you absolutely must try it – whether it’s chicken, duck, turkey, or my quail. The flavor is rich, the fat is juicy and tender, and most importantly, you know the birds have been raised humanely in a free-range environment, living an enjoyable life.

Butchering the quail is a simple process. The birds are dispatched quickly with a pair of scissors to the head – it’s clean and easy, and the bird doesn’t suffer. From there, I peel back the skin and remove the internal organs, saving the heart for a delicious snack later.

The birds are then washed and sterilized, wrapped tightly in plastic, and placed in the refrigerator or freezer depending on the amount.

To arrange pickup or delivery of our delicious quail at $6 per bird, contact us today!

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