Step-By-Step: Butchering Your Quail

This video will show you how I butcher my quail as humanely and efficiently as possible. My husband and I usually eat 6 quail at a time between us, so I never process fewer than that . When you’re done following the video instructions, you’ll have a clean quail ready for cooking or freezing. IContinue reading “Step-By-Step: Butchering Your Quail”

Raising Quail: Getting Started

Decide! If you’re still debating whether or not to raise quail, read my post entitled “Why Quail?” before coming back to this page – this post is for those who are ready to bring home Japanese Coturnix quail but aren’t sure how to make it happen. Finding Quail If you are interested in hatching yourContinue reading “Raising Quail: Getting Started”

A Successful 2021 State Fair!

It was a privilege to enter many of my knitting creations at this year’s Florida State Fair! So many beautiful creations were on display there, from quilts to cuckoo clocks – all handmade by talented Floridians. I received six ribbons from the judges, along with some constructive criticism on how to improve my designs. TheContinue reading “A Successful 2021 State Fair!”

I Chickened Out

When people want to know why we raise quail, I have so many answers. The little goobers and their eggs are delicious, they mature and reproduce quickly, they have been bred to fit into small spaces, and their stupidity is delightfully charming. But there’s another answer: chickens suck. Sure, when you first bring them home,Continue reading “I Chickened Out”

Queens of Green

One of our key promises to you the consumer is to provide a premium product – one that is clean, green, and delicious. We therefore treat our quail like family until it’s time for processing – our birds roam freely yet protected from predators in a spacious enclosure, and we feed them organic soy-free feedContinue reading “Queens of Green”

Recipe: Quaffles

If you’ve been keto or carnivore for more than ten minutes, you’re probably familiar with the “chaffle,” a waffle made out of cheese, eggs, and sometimes ground meat. This recipe gives you step by step instructions for making delicious quail egg waffles (or “quaffles”), which only have one carbohydrate each! They make great breakfasts, sandwichContinue reading “Recipe: Quaffles”

Graduation Day

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of quail butchering. Continue at your own risk, and on an empty stomach if you get squeamish. Quail are adorable creatures – but they’re not pets. Part of enjoying their company is stuffing them with goat cheese, wrapping them in bacon, and throwing them on the grill. It’s knownContinue reading “Graduation Day”

(Dust) Bath Time

Hygiene is important for us all, particularly those of us living in swampy Tampa, and the quail are no exception! They thoroughly enjoy taking dust baths in diatomaceous earth, which helps keep them cool, kills small bugs, and keeps feathers primped and sheen. In fact, food grade diatomaceous earth such is also useful for humansContinue reading “(Dust) Bath Time”

Coop Training

Japanese Coturnix quail have been bred for small, intense spaces and productivity. Most quail keeping operations are designed to be as small as possible with maximum convenience for the owner. It’s not abusing the birds to have four or five to a square foot, but it’s certainly not what I would prefer. We believe inContinue reading “Coop Training”