Queens of Green

One of our key promises to you the consumer is to provide a premium product – one that is clean, green, and delicious. We therefore treat our quail like family until it’s time for processing – our birds roam freely yet protected from predators in a spacious enclosure, and we feed them organic soy-free feed at all times.

You wouldn’t want to eat instant macaroni every day, and our beautiful birds deserve some variety and freshness in their diet too! Fortunately, I’m able to rescue greens from my grocery store job that have been deemed too wilted for customers to purchase. The quail love to munch on kale, chard, dandelion, and other greens. In our (very scientific) opinion, a happy bird is a tasty bird!

So support your local free-range farm and buy some eggs or meat today. Contact me to arrange local delivery or pick up.

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