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I Chickened Out

When people want to know why we raise quail, I have so many answers. The little goobers and their eggs are delicious, they mature and reproduce quickly, they have been bred to fit…

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Queens of Green

One of our key promises to you the consumer is to provide a premium product – one that is clean, green, and delicious. We therefore treat our quail like family until it’s time…

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Recipe: Quaffles

If you’ve been keto or carnivore for more than ten minutes, you’re probably familiar with the “chaffle,” a waffle made out of cheese, eggs, and sometimes ground meat. This recipe gives you step…

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Graduation Day

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of quail butchering. Continue at your own risk, and on an empty stomach if you get squeamish. Quail are adorable creatures – but they’re not pets. Part…

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(Dust) Bath Time

Hygiene is important for us all, particularly those of us living in swampy Tampa, and the quail are no exception! They thoroughly enjoy taking dust baths in diatomaceous earth, which helps keep them…

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Coop Training

Japanese Coturnix quail have been bred for small, intense spaces and productivity. Most quail keeping operations are designed to be as small as possible with maximum convenience for the owner. It’s not abusing…

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The Babies Arrive

After years of dreaming about raising my own quail, I finally welcomed three dozen hatchlings into my backyard on September 18, 2019. I drove an hour north of Tampa to pick them up,…

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Why Quail?

Many people ask me this when I tell them about our backyard birds. More people have chickens; wouldn’t that be easier? Aren’t their eggs really small? Do they poop a lot? Why Quail?…

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